Funding the Food Truck Dream Part 1

I was laid off because the men I worked for couldn't accept that there was the possibility that a woman could know more about how to run their business than they did. For years I was ignored and demeaned for being a woman of color in the board room at the executive table. It's been four months. Since then I launched my own business and happily became a #girlboss by doing what I love...feeding the world. It's hard work and long hours are involved at the launch of any new business but I wouldn't trade owning my own catering business or Bent Events and Organically Bent for anything in the world. But we are at a point where we have an excellent product and service but have exhausted our savings trying to both live (while laid off) and live the dream! 

With this money we will be able to effectively launch the business plan I drafted and purchase a food truck. With that truck I will employ more #girlbosses on the rise by showing them how they can live their dreams through partnerships I am planning with at risk high schools...All while serving AMAZING New Orleans style comfort food! If you give to us, we pledge to give back! We provide free training for our next generation of food entrepreneurs and develop programs to help aspiring foodies to follow their dreams! 

 We CAN COOK! Our model's success also focuses on multiple revenue streams so our staff of dreamers will be rolling our amazing food into weddings, retreats, conferences, corporate events, parties, and reunions. Just imagine the vibe when you tell guests you did your part by hiring caterers that are talented and giving back? I spy a trend!

I thank those men for letting me go and I thank my grandmother for showing me what a strong woman can do when feeling the effects of oppression and ostracism. Yes we can! Help me show them! And help me continue to show the girls of the world! ‌


Lana Parker