About bent


A husband and wife decided to do something wild and crazy...work together. This is what happened when their talents simmered in one pot. 


We are on a mission to serve the underserved with clean home-cooked meals made with organic ingredients using farm-to-table freshness. The idea started when we searched for a way to serve multiple purposes with one company. Too many companies make planning events a hard fought battle. What if you could go to one company for everything you needed for your event...including project managers to put together the content for the courses or leadership development retreat you are planning for your offsite training. We have been perfecting this idea for 10 years and are ready to deliver it to you Baltimore, Washington DC, and Atlanta!  It is important to us because we believe in providing simplistic solutions to companies and using our excess to feed and train the next generation. Joining our team or allowing us to propose our services to you makes you part of this revolution and allows you to feed into this catered reinvention. Wouldn't it make you feel good to know that the catering and events company you chose serves meals fashioned in fine dining, made with the same love you got in your grandma's kitchen, and tested at pop-up events around the area? You won't find anything like us anywhere. And the energy our company generates is infectious. We are in no way run of the mill and we do nothing ordinary! Be a part of the unusual!